Hair Stylists

Jasmine’s Hair Stylists Rajahmundry offers professional and advanced hair treatments to its customers.

Skin care services

Jasmine’s skin care services Rajahmundry provides all beauty and skin care clinical services.


Jasmine’s professional makeup artists Rajahmundry provides best beauty and makeup services.

Body Care

Jasmine’s body care services Rajahmundry, we always try to satisfy our clients.

Body Spa

Body Spa Enhances immunity by stimulating body’s natural defense system

Body Massage

They may use some massage oil to make it easier to glide their hands across your skin.

Body Polishing

We render our skin to an array of harmful things daily like dust, pollution, harmful UV sun rays and much more!


Jasmine’s skin care clinics Rajahmundry offers advanced light and Laser treatments.

Hair Treatments

Laser Hair Treatments Rajahmundry Treatment is a harmless, virtually trouble-free technique of removing undesired hair on your body.

Laser Treatment

Jasmine’s Laser Treatment Rajahmundry provides advanced skin, light and laser treatments.

Skin Treatment

Jasmine’s Skin care Treatments Rajahmundry are designed by professional beauticians and laser aesthetics.

Weight loss and Slimming

Our slimming and Weight loss services Rajahmundry are especially designed for those who really need them.

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